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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Bridgett Slaney who was born in Louisiana on Dec 07, 1994 and passed away on Nov 29, 2004 at the age of 9. We will remember her forever.
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Happy Birthday   / Carol Slaney (Nanny)
Happy Birthday Bridgett!! How we all miss you so much!! I often wonder what if? Not a day don't go by I don't think about you and your sister! You always had my heart from the first day I layed eyes on you!! When I think about you I smile! One of man...  Continue >>
Happy birthday   / Momma
I can only imagine how awesome Heaven is especially this time of the year. I wish we were all there together and I was experiencing everything with you. I bet that spongebob smile never stops. It's been so long since I've heard your voice, laughter.....  Continue >>
I Miss You   / Payton Walker (Friend)
Hey Bridgett, I wanted to tell you that I miss you SO much and I think about you and Brittney all the time! I know you watch over me and help me through hard times. I wish we could have had more time together before the Lord took you to be with him. ...  Continue >>
I miss you soo much...   / Taylor McBride (Friend)
Hey bridgett i miss you soo much. I cant believe another year has gone by with out you.. I think about you everyday and cant wait to join you in heaven.. I still cry everytime i think about you and everything that has happend but i know you are in a ...  Continue >>
Missing You Always   / Uncle Tim (Uncle)
Man i just wrote this long letter explaining everything and now i have to rewrite it, i just came to say goodbye, not in a sense of i wont be talking to you, i just want be talking to u thru here, i dont need a bunch of strangers or family to see ...  Continue >>
Hey my baby girl  / Momma     Read >>
thinkin boutn yall  / Tyler Stanley (bridgett and brittney )    Read >>
i miss you  / Lulu Paul (Best Friend )    Read >>
Missing You  / Uncle Tim     Read >>
Hey baby girl  / Mommy     Read >>
To My Baby Cuz...  / Crystal Lynn (Big Cuz )    Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Christy (Cousin)    Read >>
Hey love bug  / Mommy     Read >>
I Miss You SOOO Much!  / LuLu Paul (Her Best Friend )    Read >>
I love you  / Momma     Read >>
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Her legacy
In loving memory of Bridgett Slaney  
Bridgett was the youngest of our two daughters that was taken from us on November 29th of 2004. Bridgett had a smile that would light up a room. Her laughter was the sound of the sweetest music to my ears. She loved to dance and was a dancer for Marlene's Dance Academy in Oakdale, LA. She died a few days short of her 10th birthday. For her birthday, she wanted me to give her a surprise birthday party. I'm sure she is having the best birthday party ever with Jesus being the host. We love and miss Bridgett so very much. She and I had a special way we said goodnight. She would kiss the palm of my hand and I would put my hand to my cheek, then I would kiss the palm of her hand and she would put her hand to her cheek. We would then hold one another really tight and I would kiss her again before we said "Good night, I love you". I'm having a really hard time at night, but with the strength of God, I'm making it through. I wish the world was full of Brittney's and Bridgett's. This would be Heaven on Earth! My girls will be spending this Christmas with Jesus. I'll miss them both very much, but it gives me great comfort knowing they are in Heaven and they are together.
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